TeXocial TOP TEN Tuesday: New Year’s Resolutions for the Entrepreneur

New Year’s Eve is a day to reflect on the past year and celebrate the good and say goodbye to the bad. Come New Year’s Day, while you are nursing your hangover you should be setting some resolutions for 2017. For business owners, this is a good time to set some resolutions for success. Business is a way of life for the entrepreneur. Let’s make life better in 2017!

Here are our TOP TEN Resolutions for Entrepreneurs.

  1. Put your health first.
    It is difficult to focus on your business clearly if you have health issues. Insomnia, stress, over consumption, and long hours in front of the screens can wreak havoc on your life, not only in business and personal life. Health, wealth, and happiness, my friends, starts with health. Go to the gym, get your wellness exams, turn off the screens one hour before bedtime, drink more water and less booze, and just make your physical health a priority. You will be able to focus more on what will make your 2017 successful!

  2. Write down your goals.
    Write them on a board in your office, post-it notes, in a planner, or just put pen to paper. Take a dry-erase marker and put them on your bathroom mirror for motivation. Don’t just do it for the year, set daily, weekly, and monthly goals! Yearly resolutions are often overwhelming and overwhelming by January 15th. Set small goals that can help you reach those big resolutions. For example: post to business Facebook once a day or find a more affordable vendor.

  3. Learn more about your field.
    Take webinars, follow the “Best in Show” in your field, read books, listen to speakers, and take classes. Keep yourself relevant and up to date.

  4. Take some time to understand your finances.
    Talk to a professional, go over your records from the past year, really audit your current finances so that you can plan for a better year.

  5. Have a growth plan.
    “If you decide not to grow, you may be paving a path to failure,” says Patrick Latour, Senior Vice President, Growth and Transition Capital, BDC Capital. “If you don’t grow, your competitors will, and that will put pressure on you.”Start by committing time to outlining a plan for your growth, it should include the following important basics:

  6. Attend industry events.
    Do it for YOU: Learn something new, get inspired, and have fun!
    Do it for your business: Market to potential clients, keep up to date with trends in your industry, bring value back to your business.
    Do it for networking: Meet industry experts and new people.Check out this full article here.
    Find Industry Events Here!

  7. Go Mobile
    Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is becoming a “secondary touch point” for an increasing number of digital users.
    Check out  31 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help You Plan for 2017

  8. Social Network in the REAL WORLD.
    Shake hands, interview vendors, talk to other entrepreneurs, take time for some good old-fashioned business. People WILL want to work with other people they know from in-person meetings.

  9.  Cut the Fat.
    Get rid of bad employees and vendors. If you have underperforming employees or vendors,  you are losing money and wasting time that could be spent on growth. Evaluate the production of those that are working for you and get rid of those that cause more stress than results. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.

  10. Take mental health days.
    Shut off the work phone, don’t check your email, and do something you love. Take time to enjoy the life you work so hard to fund. Not every day is guaranteed. It would be a very sad life if all you have is money.

Cheers to you and your business in 2017!